3 Products we Love (apart from our Space Themed Tshirts)

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Ok, I've spent a lot of time on designing, tweaking and writing about our own products. Time to look out to the world for inspiration. When I do, I see things that spark my imagination in a different direction and maybe some good. So, I forced myself to do a blog post about 3 other products I love and this point and why.

How did I go about choosing these 3 Products?

Yeah, it's good to put some ground rules out.

  1. It has to be something that I have used/bought and loved in the recent past. If I see something, admire it, but then don't buy it - that's inauthentic
  2. It has to go beyond just the visual. There are many fashion products out there where are great, but I wanted to include some where "form comes after function" truly.
  3. They have to represent fresh ideas

Product #1: The Dyson V11 Cord Free Vacuum Cleaner

Sorry, but I am James Dyson fan boy. The Dyson vacuum cleaners had great technology like the cyclone suction technology and the super light motor. But, what blew me away in this product was the fact that it was cord free. They put a fairly light battery in the vac and gave it a docking station to charge. Now, there's nothing new about putting a Li Ion battery in an appliance, but a vacuum cleaner is such a great fit for it. It is the one household appliance that you need to take into the nooks and crannies of your home and the cord does not always work for you.

The greatness in engineering is that the whole appliance on 6.6 Lbs or 3 Kgs. That's pretty light when you realize that it has a motor and batteries inside. So light, that you can use it with a bad case of "laptop back pain" (which I have personally tried and vouch for). And the damn thing is not small, it's more than half as tall as an average human. Dyson has managed to take a wired appliance that needed to be wireless and make it so. This is not a washing machine that can sit in a corner, this is a vaccum that needs to move around.

Product #2: The Inverted Umbrella

I live in a place where the monsoon season is pretty strong. 3-4 months of the year, we get a lot of rain all through the day. Umbrellas have always been a part of our lives during those months, but I have a lot of peeves with umbrellas. They save me from the rain, but then when I shut them, they definitely wet my sleeves. Also, taking a wet umbrella into a car is the worst experience. You don't know where to keep it and end up soiling the car somewhere. Then, I saw the inverted umbrella, and my umbrella hell went away for good.

Product #3: The Lazy Bracket for the Phones

In the past year, I have stopped consuming television. Most of my viewing is on Netflix and other apps when I am at an airport or my couch or whatever. Downside of watching stuff on the phone is that your hand gets tired of holding the phone. I can't hold something up for an hour, my palm and arm hurts. Till I bought this "lazy bracket". I usually put it on my neck and fix the phone to it. Your hands are free now. Super!


To wrap up, hope you all like our new space themed tshirts. These are breathtaking patterns from various space objects printed on overall tshirts.